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play station

XBox 1

4 Xbox 360s

1 PS2

3 Wiis

2 WiiU 

1 Ping Pong Table

1 Air Hockey/Pool Table

9 PC with Minecraft

Yugioh Matches

Fun members that want to play!

Gamer'z Club Officers

President: Roland

Vice President: Sebastian

Secretary: Lugardo

Treasurer: Randy

Advertiser: Elias

Game Master: Mr. Dome


Games in Club

Injustice 2

Gears of War 4

Call of Duty III 

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare 

Castle Crushers 

Super Smash Bros Wii U 

All FIve Nights of Freddy

Halo 4




Street Fighter vs. Tekken

Street Fighter IV

Mortal Combat XL 

Need for Speed

Marvel vs. Capcom

Fifa 13

Madden 13

and many more.......



Gamer'z Club

Gamer'z Club meets: Tuesday and Thursday 

room C-8 from 3:08-4:12! 


Pay attention if Mr. Dome does a Saturday School it will be sponsored by Gamer'z Club!  So if you have an absence then come to Saturday School to get it cleared.


Dollar Arcade
Dollar Arcade

Lunch Time Arcade Coming Soon!


Do you want to game at lunch?  Well Gamer'z Club will be hosting an arcade in the MPR during your lunch for all you can play for just $1.  Come and challenge your friends to some good times! Don't be a Noob!

Criteria for Gamer'z Club

Open to all grades, genders, and levels/skills.
Student have to keep a 2.0 GPA.  There will be grade checks every two weeks. (Job of the Secretary)
Parents have to sign permission slip on back of grade card giving you permission to be in Gamer’z Club.
Behavioral issues in class or in the club will not be excepted.
You need a way home at 4:08 after the club is over.
You must be able to come to 10 scheduled meeting in a row to become a GOLD MEMBER (unless you are participating in sports, another club, or activity for the school). You can miss up to 3x before bumping back down to the Green Level status in Gamer’z Club.
All members will be responsible for donating or fundraising $7 dollars a quarter or $28 for the year.  This money will be used to buy you the Gamer’z Club t-shirt and lanyard and Club Card ID (that you will keep), new games, and prizes for tournaments throughout the year.
Once Gamer’z Club shirts are bought for members, members must wear them on Tuesdays to club meetings.
gamerz club

Next Tournament

Minecraft Hunger Games

Minecraft Hunger\

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super smash bros