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Teacher Directory

EnvelopeIf you would like to contact your child's teachers or other Kolb staff members, please click on the envelope icon next to the individual's name and it will allow you to start your message.

7th Grade Teachers
Contact Brandii Brunson  Brandii Brunson Teacher
Contact Ted Campos  Ted Campos Teacher
Contact Theresa Cartwright  Theresa Cartwright Teacher
Contact Sue Chan  Sue Chan Teacher
Contact Shawn Harris  Shawn Harris Teacher
Contact Wendy Hendricks  Wendy Hendricks Teacher
Contact Christopher Horn  Christopher Horn Teacher
Contact Mary Luna  Mary Luna Teacher
Contact Julie Ross  Julie Ross Teacher
P.E. Department
Contact Judith Christenson  Judith Christenson Teacher
Contact Abina Lewis  Abina Lewis Teacher
Contact Aaron Loepp  Aaron Loepp Teacher
Contact John Mckee  John Mckee Teacher
Contact Ray Jimmerson  Ray Jimmerson Teacher
Contact Nathaniel Robinson  Nathaniel Robinson (909) 820-7849 Music Teacher
Contact Kristen Ursenbach  Kristen Ursenbach Teacher
Success Pathways
Special Ed. Department
Contact Moses Boateng-Siriboe  Moses Boateng-Siriboe Teacher/RSP
Contact Theresa Cartwright  Theresa Cartwright Teacher
Contact Stacey Johnson  Stacey Johnson Teacher
Contact Asha Sendrey  Asha Sendrey Teacher
Contact Paul Turnbull  Paul Turnbull Teacher